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Aerea, a Latin word meaning ethereal or aerial, was founded in April 2016 by Ian Burrows.

Ian works to craft compelling Gamay Noir each vintage from a collection of unique vineyards. In addition to the Pure Gamay, Ian has most recently bottled sixty cases of the Crucible, a Passetougrain of Willamette Valley Gamay and Pinot Noir, and Orbis – a unique cépage composing 5% of each barrel in a single vintage. This personal endeavour enables Ian to immerse himself in the craft, sharing with others a deep passion of fine wine and its affinity with traditional cuisine.

Aerea Vintners started as a research-based project to better understand the complexities of an independently operated winery.  Aerea’s mantra is to perform at the highest possible level given the constraints of a cellar void of technology, winemaking chemicals or scientific equipment.  This has inspired a goal to attain the ultimate level of detail in a traditional environment. Every component of winemaking is considered a step toward a greater understanding of commercialization and creation of fine wine in Oregon.

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