It’s become increasingly difficult to profitably employ a full-time sommelier and wine buyer in fine dining restaurants. Typically a manager or a server is tasked with wine purchasing, which can lead to shortfalls in wine service to the customer, diminished profitability of the wine list, or service lapses in other areas. Consulon provides an affordable and effective alternative.

Wine List Consulting Services

Consulon can write and print a very profitable beer and wine list that effortlessly harmonizes with your clientele and cuisine and enhances your brand, attracting business organically. We handle all logistics, training, and vendor communications, and establish par protocols that make it easy for your staff to maintain stock levels without tying up too much of your capital in inventory.

Tasting and Training Services

Your Front of House staff can receive the same instruction a server would receive in a Michelin-starred restaurant, complete with guided tastings and detailed training seminars on wine sales and service. Why hire a floor sommelier when your entire serving team has knowledge and confidence in your wine list? Reach out to us to see how easy the process can be.