As a retailer, selecting wine is the fun part, and the activity at which you’re already proficient. A pair of fresh eyes to take a second look at other aspects of your business can dramatically increase your sales, with a modest investment.

Branding Evaluation

How charismatic is your brand? Who is your customer, and what are the cues and messages they’re looking for? We can help with re-branding, making design and messaging recommendations that will attract customers who want to be a part of your tribe.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Wine retailers are multiplying like small mammals. Wineries are getting better every day at selling wine direct. What needs are they fulfilling? What subtle changes can you make to gain greater market share?

Digital Marketing Strategy

How well are your emails, social media posts, and print collateral working together to tell the story of your brand, and enhance its allure? Where are the gaps in your customer data that could help you market to every customer more effectively? Reach out to Consulon for solutions.

Inventory Analysis And Sales Solutions

Carrying too much inventory, and need a few ideas about which SKUs to move out, and how? We can offer a second, unbiased pair of eyes to help you make the tough decisions, not to mention intelligence about the greater market and wine trends locally.