Consulon’s primary activity is the direct-to-trade sales and marketing of fine wines throughout the State of Oregon, as well as consultancy services for interstate distribution and direct to consumer sales. We offer a broad array of services to wineries as part of our retainer package, plus we offer brokerage services within Oregon for a commission. Working with wineries is our primary activity.

Oregon Sales

Consulon sells wine direct to restaurants, retailers, and private clubs on a brokerage basis within the state of Oregon, covering Portland Metro, the Willamette valley, The Coast, and Eugene. Having an enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable sales rep in your corner – ensuring your wine is presented capably and frequently – is a much more powerful solution than competing internally with a wilderness of brands in a distributor’s catalog. The Consulon portfolio is small and elite, ensuring that your wines are always part of the conversation.

U.S. Sales

When you’re ready to hit the interstate with your wine, we’re ready with a network of distributors nationwide that will do you proud, whose portfolios and philosophies align with your own brand. We manage distribution as part of our “catchall” retainer services, plus a modest commission on F.O.B. sales.

Marketing Communications

An elegant label that catches your eye with its significant form. A tasting note that makes you thirsty, written from one wine lover to another. A beautiful web site and seamless e-commerce experience. All of these elements are essential to maximizing consumer-direct sales and maintaining a charismatic brand.

Consulon provides expert copywriting, web programming, and design services for an hourly or per-project rate via a small team of subcontractors who are devoted solely to, and highly experienced with, fine wine. Our solutions are much more affordable than those of an advertising agency. Let’s discuss your options.

Events and Tastings

As part of our retainer agreement, Consulon is at the ready to be your representative at trade tastings or consumer events. We are delighted to tell your story to a wide array of clients, anytime, anywhere.

Pricing and Product Positioning

Drawing on our 25+ years of experience in hospitality and fine wine sales, Consulon is in the privileged position to offer recommendations about branding, price points, and product positioning between and within the three sales channels. This advice is included as part of our retainer agreement.

Warehousing and Delivery Solutions

Got a restaurant calling at 4PM on a Friday afternoon? Not to worry. Not only do we have some great warehousing and daily delivery solutions at the ready, but we can also deliver and collect on your behalf throughout Portland Metro, for a simple mileage rate.