Consulon is a consultant to wine collectors and casual enthusiasts alike, offering a broad array of services.

Wine Storage Solutions

Whether you have a wine cellar to design and outfit, or need help choosing a wine storage facility, we offer sound advice.

Wine Purchasing and Documentation

From finding the best retail partners and wineries to suit your tastes, to recommending “insider” wines flying deep under the radar, or even anticipating the road ahead as your tastes in wine develop along with your vintages, we have the experience and contacts to maximize your enjoyment of your collection.

Collection Analysis and Development

Feeling overwhelmed by a jumble of sagging wine boxes? Disappointed by a few recent purchases that were off the mark, or even some old purchases that are now past their prime? Our job is to get to know your, your family’s, and your guests’ tastes in fine wine, and make carefully considered recommendations about your collection, plans for consumption, and future purchases.

Appraisal Services For Resale and Insurance

It’s absolutely essential to have a trusted, unbiased advocate to appraise the value of your wine collection, help you find the optimal partner for reselling it or insuring it, and assist with transportation logistics.

Special Events and Wine Dinners

With our extensive experience in selecting, pairing, and serving the great wines of the world, it really is possible to bring the Michelin-starred fine wine experience into your home. We relish the opportunity to offer your guests a wine encounter they will talk about for years.