“The success I had at Vinfolio as Director of Acquisitions was from the belief that companies like Consulon were the conduit for revealing the unknown producers of domestic wines. I immediately cut out the large distributors who move the majority of cases but don’t fly close enough to the ground to notice. You miss a lot if you don’t spend the time.”

Doug Wilder | Purely Domestic Wine Report | California

“Consulon provides an incredibly reliable and knowledgeable resource for anyone interested in wine or the hospitality industry. No matter your level of expertise or interest: Ian’s ambition, tutelage, and tact prove valuable for any business or wine enthusiast. Ian’s advocacy for his carefully selected portfolio shows you everything you need to know about his commitment to you as a client.

I have been fortunate to work with Ian across a wide spectrum of wine business. The first class information regarding food pairing, tasting, menu creation, business consulting, studying, and marketing is truly invaluable.

Whether you are just becoming interested in wine or a seasoned veteran of the wine industry, do not miss the opportunity to work with incredible talent, Ian Burrows and Consulon.”

Donald Hopkins | Wine Director & Sommelier, CoMS | Portland, Oregon

“It is one thing to drink a glass of wine.  It is another to experience and understand a glass of wine.

Ian helps you think about wines in ways not previously considered.  He speaks of wines in ways that broaden and deepen your experience as you search for the notes and tones he describes. Ian adds curiosity to your palate as much as he adds wines to your collection”

Robert P. Schuster | Consulon Private Cellar Client | Jackson, WY

“I have leaned on Ian’s wine expertise for years as an advanced certified sommelier as he sets the industry standard but, for me, what also sets Consulon apart, is his background in hospitality and the tremendous level of service from start to finish. Whether you are looking to purchase wine, store wine or taste wine, Ian has the passion, knowledge and care to make your experience absolute perfection. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Amanda Roche | Consulon Private Cellar Client | Menlo Park, CA

“Consulon is a wine company created by renaissance man and a visionary Ian Burrows. Ian has successfully paired his deep rooted wine and food knowledge, with his outstanding personal values creating a company that represents a portfolio of small wine producers. A perfect balance of quality & passion!”

“Every conversation & meeting I have had with Ian has been very pleasant. I find Ian to be well prepared with solutions to the questions and challenges we talk about and plan for. Oregon Wine Services and Consulon have very similar ideals, and it is our expectation we will be business partners well into the future.”

Don Fasset | Consulon Client | Oregon Wine Services | Medford, OR

“Few experiences that I’ve had in the industry are equal to sitting with Ian and sharing a drop or two from his spectacular portfolio of wines. Ian’s passion and palate have lead him to choose extraordinary wineries to partner with. Each winery’s exceptionally detailed quest for a substance in the glass that represents varietal, place, and winemaker, have elevated them above their competition. Ian’s knowledge of the history of all wine, and certainly his portfolio, allows him to bring service and style into what others just represent as “selling”. Consulon is an absolute class act.”

David Townsend | Private Cellar Client | Negociants USA,
Pacific Territory Manager

Secret Wine Files Profile

Jeff Toering | Code38 Wine Knives | Sydney, Australia